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Infonicks GmbH – Applying experience to opportunity

Infonicks GmbH is a media consultancy in the field of news and information, content management and content creation, based in Vienna.

It focuses on the provision of information on demand for customers including corporations, publishers, media organisations, governmental institutions and on-line databases.

Based on precise requirements, Infonicks can research and determine sources of accurate and timely information for customers. This may include content creation. Infonicks can also advise on the technical challenges of data delivery, storage and retrieval.

Infonicks screens, evaluates and recommends content “vendors” and constantly monitor the quality of their services.

Infonicks is familiar with the offerings of commercially available content vendors and can advise on selective and cost effective acquisition of data from such providers – for example:

  • national news agencies such as Xinhua, ANSA, EFE, Interfax, APA
  • international information vendors such as ThomsonReuters, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Platts, AP and AFP;
  • global on-line databases such as Dow Jones’ Factiva, Lexis-Nexis, Internet Securities International
  • local information databases such as EDD (France) and Genios (Germany);
  • niche players providing news and information about specific topics and industries segments (B to B publications and on-line publishers)

Infonicks main partners are in Austria, UK, U.S., Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Russia and Bulgaria.

References on request. Past projects include work for two major Swiss pharmaceutical companies, world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company, private equity funds, national news agencies, news and information aggregators, other media companies, corporations from the energy and telecommunications sectors and banks.

Infonicks is a member of WAN-IFRA, the world association of newspapers and news publishers www.wan-ifra.org

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